Does Ohio Home Insurance Cover Christmas Presents?

The holiday season is a busy time. In addition to hours of standing in line at cash registers with Christmas presents in your carriage, there are holiday parties to attend, and Yuletide visits to make. It’s unlikely you’ll have Ohio home insurance on your mind, but it might be a good idea if you did. There are many aspects to the season that could have an effect on your homeowners policy. If the brightly wrapped boxes under your Christmas tree are filled with valuable electronic devices and stylish jewelry, you should make sure that they’re covered by your Ohio home insurance, both before they’re unwrapped and in the coming years.

The typical Ohio home insurance policy has strict limits on losses of items like jewelry and computers. These limits apply to the value of the items lost as well as the circumstances of the loss. If you’re not careful, you could suffer an unexpected loss that means a big out of pocket cost. It pays for homeowners to find out about restrictions and exclusions on losses of their personal property, and to make sure they have enough insurance.

The precise circumstances of your loss can have a big effect on whether your personal items are covered by insurance, and for how much. If your home is burglarized during the holiday season, for instance, and your nicely wrapped presents are stolen, it’s very likely that your homeowners policy will cover the loss, but you’ll need receipts for all the items that are lost. While you might have coverage, the dollar amount of the coverage could be a problem. If you have a low limit on total losses of personal belongings, you might lose thousands but only be entitled to recover hundreds of dollars. Substantial deductibles can eat into the amount that you can recover from your Ohio home insurance policy as well.

If the same laptop computer that was stolen from under the tree was instead stolen when you fell asleep in an airport waiting area, it’s still likely that it would be covered by your homeowners insurance. You’ll have an easier time recovering your loss if you have receipts for the item that’s lost or stolen. One excellent way to make sure you have an appropriate home inventory of personal belongings for insurance purposes is to take digital pictures of everything in your home, and them attach them to a list that can be presented to your agent. That will make it easy for him to suggest a level of coverage that protects you fully for any loss.